Making and Canning Cornichons
Cornichons are those tiny French sour pickles that are delicious when served
with a pâté, fish or salad. They are made very similarly to how we make dill
Pickles should be brined to optimize
their crispiness, which spreads the
preparation time over the course of
a few days. This sounds time
consuming, but the brining step just
takes a few minutes over the course
of each day. If you want to can the
pickles on Saturday morning, then
begin on Wednesday evening. After
canning, pickles are best if they are
left to cure for about three months
before being eaten.
Ingredients for 6 pints:
Cucumbers, 2-1/2 inches or less in length
1 quart or about 2-1/2 pounds
Kosher or Natural Sea Salt for Brine
1 cup
White Wine Vinegar (5% acid or more)
2 cups
2 cloves, peeled and sliced
Fresh Tarragon
2 sprigs
2 cups
2 cups
1. The first evening, Cover clean cucumbers in
boiling water, then let stand overnight.

The next morning, drain and cover with fresh
boiling water containing 1/2 cup of kosher salt.

The second morning, drain and cover with fresh
boiling water containing another 1/2 cup of  
kosher salt.
2. The third morning (canning day), drain, but do
not rinse, cucumbers and pierce with a fork.
3. Bring vinegar and all other ingredients to a
boil, then simmer for 5 minutes.
4. Cold pack cucumbers in jars then pour
hot liquid over them, following steps below.
For canning use the following techniques:
Canning using cold pack method, using jam jars with 1/2” of headspace.  
Processing with a Water Bath Canner for 5 minutes
For elevations above 1,000 foot level see
Altitude Time Adjustments.  
Labeling and Storing
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A Simple Approach to Preserving Homemade Foods
Note: Brining should be done using glass or ceramic
bowls to ensure the container does not react with the salt
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