Making and Canning Eggplant Tapenade
Eggplant is actually a fruit from an herb. It’s wonderful to eat, but recipes seem to be a little limited
for canning. We like to can it as a Tapenade (sometimes called caviar,) which makes a terrific last
minute appetizer served with a simple cracker.
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Ingredients for 12 - 1/2 pints:
6 medium to large
Hot Red Pepper like Chinese
3 cloves
3 medium
Kosher or Natural Sea Salt
1/4 cup
2 tablespoons
Olive Oil
1/4 cup
Rub the eggplant, peppers and onions with olive
oil, then roast them in the oven and steam them
as done for
Roasted Red Bell Peppers.
Blend all ingredients well and cold pack,
following instructions below.
For canning use the following techniques:
Canning using cold pack method, using 1/2 pint jars with 1” of headspace.
Processing with a Pressure Canner for 60 minutes at 11 pounds, or 10 pounds for a weighted gauge.
For elevations above 1,000 foot level see
Altitude Time Adjustments.  
Labeling and Storing
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