Making and Canning Fig Jam
Fig jam is easy to make using the recipe below.

We make most jams using the same procedure, regardless of the fruit. Using
the ingredients below, follow our technique for
Making Jam, with a 30 minute
cook time, and then
Canning Jam.
Ingredients per 1/2 pint (8 ounces) of jam:
1/2 pound per 1/2 pint jam jar        
2 Tablespoons per 1/2 pint jam jar
1/2 cup for each 1/2 pint jam jar
Lemon (organic or chemical free)
1 for every six 1/2 pint jars
Other ideas:
  1. Try adding a teaspoon of vanilla or cognac to your fig jam.
A Simple Approach to Preserving Homemade Foods
Even if you are an experienced jam maker, you might watch Video 1 for
up-to-date safe canning procedures.
Follow jar and cap manufacturer's recommendations and instructions
and visit their websites for updates on a regular basis.
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Canning Fruit in
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Video 1:
Making and Canning
Jam and Infused Fruit
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