Video 3: Canning Tomatoes; Crushed, Whole, Tomato Sauce and Salsa
Featured Recipes:
Tomato Sauce with Herbs
Canning Crushed Tomatoes
Canning Whole Tomatoes

Featured Techniques:
Blanching and Peeling
Canning Using Cold and Hot Pack Methods
Water Bath Method for Processing
Altitude Height Adjustments for Elevations Above 1,000 Feet
Labeling and Storing Home Canned Food

Equipment Needed:
Waterbath canner
Lifting tool
Canning funnel
Large stove-top pot
*Jars and lids
Clean Cloth Towels
Paper towels

*Follow manufacturers instructions.

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A Simple Approach to Preserving Homemade Foods
In this third video of the series, you will learn how to can crushed and whole tomatoes, tomato sauce and salsa.
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